Service & Repairs

Our Service Technicians can repair and service your bike at our workshop in-store. Plus we stock a large range of spare parts to help you get back in the saddle sooner.

Bike Servicing Schedule

Service Intervals

Standard bike
12months or 5000km – Bronze

Deluxe bike
6 months – Bronze
12 month – Silver
2 years or 10,000km – Gold


$ 99 +Parts
  • Wash and degrease bike
  • Check, align and tighten handle bars and stem
  • Check and tighten headset
  • Check and tighten cranks and pedals
  • Check and tighten wheel nuts, quick release skewers and cones
  • Check align and tighten saddle and seat pillar
  • Check and tighten spoke condition and tension
  • Check tyre condition and inflate to recommended psi as directed on tyre wall
  • Check and adjust gears, replace & lubricate cables as required
  • Check and adjust brakes, replace & lubricate cables as required
  • internal cabling extra charge
  • Lubricate chain, derailleur’s
  • Test Ride


$ 149 +Parts
  • Bronze service
  • Plus opening 2 bearing points. ie wheel bearings (per wheel), Bottom Bracket, Headset..... (Dual Suspension linkages etc, extra charge)


$ 259 +Parts
  • Bronze service
  • Plus opening of all bearing points (Dual Suspension linkages etc, extra charge)
  • Replace all cables (inner and outer) – gear and brake
  • Replace bar tape or hand grips
  • Check drive train for wear and tear and replace if necessary
  • Check frame for wear

Bicycle Builds supplied by customer